New COVID-19 Mental Wellness Tools

Getting Started Is Easy!

Now, as always, Livongo is committed to empowering our Members to live better, healthier lives. That includes providing resources for managing heightened stress and uncertainty brought on by the current coronavirus (COVID-19) threat. The new COVID-19 and Mental Wellness resources from Livongo for Behavioral Health powered by myStrength are now available to support our Members through these challenging times, at no cost to them. Click here for more information.

Livongo’s COVID-19 resource center 

myStrength, Livongo’s behavioral health platform

Below is a highlight of the modules available in myStrength:




COVID-19 and Mental Wellness

Brief overview of COVID & effects on mental health


Processing Emotions About COVID-19

Understanding and adjusting feelings related to COVID


Coping Skills During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Practical actions to take to manage the stress of COVID (e.g. limit social media intake)


Parenting in Challenging Times

Supporting your family in the midst of COVID while managing your own stress


Tools and Resources About COVID-19

Vetted, trusted resources curated for members (e.g., CDC, WHO, SAMHSA)


Inner Calm in Turbulent Times

A guided meditation to help create stillness in these chaotic days of COVID


Keeping Your Relationship Strong During COVID-19

Ways to stay positive and connected in stressful times


Managing Time at Home With the Kids

Tips for creating a safe space and support during the COVID-19 crisis


Use Grounding to Pause and Find Your Way Forward

A practical exercise to ease feelings of anxiety


Managing Overwhelming Thoughts about COVID-19

Understanding the power of thoughts and how to create space between thoughts


Breathing to Calm Yourself

A short and practical breathing exercise to help manage stress


A Simple Way to Practice Mindfulness

A practical way to incorporate mindfulness into everyday tasks


Keeping Perspective in a Crisis

Ways to focus on a resiliency frame of mind in the midst of a crisis


Changing Plans and Handling Disappointment

Ways to deal with unexpected changes


Staying Connected While Social Distancing

Understanding the importance of connection while restricted and practical ways to stay in touch 


Relaxation Visualization: “Forest”

A visualization relaxation exercise to help with stress


Relaxation Visualization: Beach

A visualization relaxation exercise to help with stress


Don’t Believe All Your Thoughts

Ways to replace hindering thoughts with helpful ones



A mindful practice to create space in your mind to allow all feelings 


The Art of Asking

Practical strategies to communicate your needs


Are You Listening?

Ways to build connections with others through listening


Gratitude Meditation

A meditation focused on gratitude to help with stress


Wise Mind

Ways to find a balance between your ‘reasonable mind’ and ‘emotional mind’ when making decisions


Stop Wishing, Start Living

Practicing accepting rather than wishing things were different


Soothe Your Senses

A relaxation practice using your five senses


Feel-Good Compromise

Ways to keep the peace when you disagree


Helping Kids Manage Stress

Ways to help you work through stress with kids

In Review

Alcohol, Drugs and Other Substances During a Crisis

Ways to avoid problematic patterns with alcohol, drugs and other substances

In Review

Tackling Boredom

Practical strategies to overcome boredom during quarantine

In Review

Loneliness During COVID-19

Strategies to cope with loneliness during COVID-19

In Review

Letter to our Membership

Livongo for Diabetes Management

Since July 1, 2018, the Local 4 Health and Welfare Plan has offered a new approach to diabetes management, as no additional cost to eligible members.  The Livongo for Diabetes Program will provide Type 1 and Type 2 people with diabetes with advanced technology to help manage their care.

Livongo provides eligible members with a connected meter, at no additional cost, which allows members to instantly upload their results.  Additionally, Livongo will send unlimited supplies of strips and lancets directly to a member’s door – at no additional cost.

Here is what to expect from the Livongo for Diabetes Program:

  • Connected Meter: This allows Livongo’s certified diabetes educators to quickly contact you via text, phone or via Livongo’s mobile app based  on your personalized settings, to offer guidance should your results be too high or too low – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Personalized Tips: Livongo also sends personalized coaching tips, direct to your meter, based on your results, to try to help you maintain your target glucose range.
  • Online Access: Livongo provides eligible members with online access to their blood glucose history, along with graphs, that can be easily downloaded or faxed to the provider’s office before an appointment or as needed.  You can access all of this information online or via the Livongo mobile app.
  • No More Going it Alone:  You can set up your account to notify your loved ones via text message or email when your blood glucose is too high or too low.

To sign up or to learn more about this program, visit  or call Livongo at 1-800-945-4355.           When enrolling please provide the Plan’s registration code: LOCAL4.

 High Blood Pressure Management, Simplified

We’re excited to let you know about a new health plan benefit, paid 100%  by the Local 4 Health and Welfare

The program is offered at no cost to eligible members and covered dependents with high blood pressure and coverage through the Health and Welfare Plan.

Here’s what you get with the Livongo for Hypertension Program:

  • A free connected blood pressure monitor:  Take you blood pressure and you’re done—the monitor automatically sends          your reading to our easy-to-use app.  No writing necessary!
  • Better blood pressure management: The app tracks your readings for you.  It will also provide you with tips and advice as you go.
  • Personalized support: Our health coaches are available to provide personalized nutrition, weight loss and lifestyle tips.

To sign up or learn more about this program, visit or call Livongo Member Support at 1-800-945-4355 and have your registration code “LOCAL4” ready.