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Security Procedures to Protect Confidential Information

The Trustees of the IUOE Health and Welfare Fund (“the Fund”) are committed to safeguarding participants’ privacy by providing protection against unauthorized access or use of confidential information.

The Fund maintains administrative, physical and technical safeguards that comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines. To protect your personal information against unauthorized access or use, our employees are subject to a code of ethics and other policies that require them to maintain the confidentially of protected health information. The Fund will continue to enhance and maintain prudent security standards and procedures to protect your personal information.

Although the Fund has taken measures to safeguard private information, it cannot be responsible for the content of emails sent to this website or to the Fund. In addition, the Fund cannot protect emails sent to this website from being intercepted by others and decrypted during transmission.

This is to request that all participants refrain from sending any private, health related or otherwise confidential information to the Fund through this website or by email.