Mike and Stephanie Brightened

Standing By Our Members

At Local 4, we stand by our members and their families through thick and thin. Especially when they’re facing a life-changing disease.

Thanks to your continued commitment to fund the best healthcare plans in the industry, we were able to help.

Watch what Local 4’s healthcare has meant to Mike and Stephanie McGann.

Mike’s been a heavy equipment mechanic his whole life, and always appreciated the great benefits that come with being a member of Local 4. He never thought his family would use those benefits until his wife, Stephanie, fell, broke both of her hips and could not walk anymore.

“I reached out to Local 4,” Mike says, “and they did not hesitate for a second to go above and beyond.”

With Local 4’s support, home healthcare workers can visit Stephanie twice a day. They have an accessibility ramp outside to allow Stephanie to enter and leave the house. And they have an automated lift system to help Stephanie in and out of bed.

“Without the help of Local 4,” Stephanie says, “I really don’t think we could have stayed in our home. To say they stepped up is an understatement. I feel truly blessed.”

Operating Engineers Local 4 is able to stand by our members and families like Mike and Stephanie, because you continually vote to fund the best healthcare in the industry. That’s so important, because you never know when someone could get sick or have an accident.

Thank you again for all you do to ensure that members and their families have great healthcare when they need it most.