As discussed in the summer edition of The Gauge, CAPTRUST is a trusted partner of the Annuity & Savings Plan. CAPTRUST, previously known as Cammack LaRhette Advisors, brings enhanced retirement planning services to Participants through its Retirement Blueprint program. The Blueprint program is available at no cost to Plan Participants seeking advice on retirement plans and other financial aspects of life.

CAPTRUST registered investment advisors are available to assist Participants with all aspects of retirement planning – from budgeting and managing debt, to executing a savings and investments strategy, to providing personalized advice on rollover decisions. CAPTRUST retirement advisors do not sell products, but help Participants determine what their retirement goals are (or should be) and strategies to maximize savings.

All Participants, whether twenty years or two years away from retirement, can take advantage of this benefit to get personalized investment advice or a better handle on the status of their retirement planning. Participants can contact CAPTRUST at 1-800-293-2291 to schedule a one-on-one phone meeting with a registered investment advisor. Spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend the planning sessions.