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Tips from Lyra: June


For the month of June, we’re introducing a topic related to safe sleep habits. Many of us go about our day thinking about the million-and-one things we need to do. Sometimes we get so busy [...]

Tips from Lyra: June2024-06-03T15:03:31-04:00

Tips from Lyra: March


Coping with infertility can be painful and isolating for many. Check out tips and considerations that can be helpful in your journey. Read Navigating Infertility, from Lyra Health, your mental health benefit provided by Local [...]

Tips from Lyra: March2024-03-07T09:25:36-05:00

Tips from Lyra: January


We hear so much about mindfulness these days — but what does it really mean, and how do we practice it? Find out in How to Practice Mindfulness: Quick Tips for Busy People, from Lyra [...]

Tips from Lyra: January2024-01-09T14:55:30-05:00