The Trustees want to ensure that you’re getting the most appropriate, effective cancer treatment, with minimal side effects. Scientific and medical advances are rapidly changing cancer treatment, and doctors have a variety of ways to treat patients who have the same type of cancer.

Through the Quality Care Cancer Program at BCBSMA, board-certified oncologists and oncology-trained nurses from AIM Specialty Health® (AIM), an independent company that administers the program on behalf of BCBSMA, are available to discuss with your doctor, the covered, evidence-based treatments that are best for you.

The Quality Care Cancer Program at BCBSMA is designed to achieve the best possible health outcomes for members receiving outpatient cancer care treatment. Your doctor is responsible for submitting Prior Authorization requests to AIM. When your doctor submits a treatment plan for Prior Authorization, and it meets clinical guidelines for the cancer being treated, your doctor will get an approval notification in real-time. If a treatment plan does not meet the clinical criteria, board-certified oncologists and oncology-trained nurses will be available to discuss covered, evidence-based treatment options with your doctor.

If you have any questions about the new program, call BCBSMA Member Services at 1-800-401-7690.