Happy New Year! Change is possible in 2022 – but only if you put in the hard work that is necessary. The Local 4 Health and Welfare Fund wants to help you change for the better this year, and so we are partnering with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to bring you an activity challenge to get you moving! Participants can compete individually or in groups and get points for any type of physical movement, including walking, running, swimming – even dancing!

After all, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions each year, hoping to create positive change in their lives. Despite many individuals creating these New Year’s Resolutions and having the best intentions to follow through with them, many people struggle to achieve their goals. It may be easy to create healthy New Year’s goals, but after the ball drops, what’s going to motivate you to stick to these resolutions? If there’s anything that we’ve learned in 2021, it’s not to take our health for granted, and in 2022 it is important for everyone to prioritize both their physical and mental health. Whether this be to add an extra 30 mins of walking into your daily life, going to the gym more often, changing your diet, or seeking help from a health care provider when needed, we can all take at least one important step into improving our health in 2022.

So sign up today and get moving! Enrollment is open now, and until January 16, and the challenge runs from January 10 until February 21, 2022. Go to ahealthyme.com/login and either sign in or sign up for an account. This program is open to your eligible dependents as well!