Wellness Corner with Karen Larsen, LICSW


Wellness Corner with Karen Larsen, LICSW

The Funds Office is dedicated to supporting Plan Participants’ health and wellness. As an extension of this commitment, we are pleased to share a number of resources and tips to promote your well-being. Learn more about physical, emotional, and mental health from Karen Larsen, LICSW.

Karen Larsen, LICSW, Social Worker and Care Coordinator in the Local 4 Funds Office can see members and their dependents 18+ for teletherapy services.  Virtual sessions are available for those residing in Massachusetts and Maine. Karen uses a collaborative approach to identify strengths to find strategies to help you reach your goals.  Karen’s areas of focus include life transitions, loss and grief, issues of caregiving, the aging process, and anxiety.  Please contact Karen at 508-533-1400 ext. 127 for a brief consultation to discuss if this is the right fit for you.  Karen can also provide assistance in locating mental health providers in the event that it is not a suitable match.

Contact Karen at [email protected] or 508-533-1400 x127.


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